Thursday, July 26, 2007

Summer Flavor

Ah summer! My favorite season. That's why I decided to do the Summer Flavor Challenge. Below are the bloggers who decided to join in. They kept to the rules and did local fruits.

Elle's Plum Coffee Cake- I'm a sucker for coffee cakes and this looks delicious. It's not a standard coffee cake because it uses yeast and biscuit mix, but I bet it tastes divine!

Lynn's Blueberry Ice Cream
- Lynn can stray from ice cream and who can blame her with "Perfect Scoop" in her collection. So when it comes to her blueberry ice cream, I will just tell myself its good for my heart!

Nicole's Banana Fritters- I love bananas and what a better way to eat them than to fry them. And to live in a place where you can do them without having to ship them is even better.

Julie's Boysenberry cobbler- Who can go wrong with berries? Especially a berry that I've never tried except in yogurt. It looks like a blackberry, but really it is its own berry and Julie does it justice!

And the winner is (drum-roll please.......) Ms. Julie, going on a whim to buy boysenberries. Thank you to all participants. I want to eat everyone of ya'lls glorious entries.

Next month is August Heat
August is always one of the hottest months of the year. You can never get away from it. So the theme for this month is a cool and refreshing dish. It is up to you. But remember it has to be LOCAL!
1) One must be centered around some local fruit or veggie from your farmers market or own garden.
2) It can be a main dish, dessert, drink, side dish. I'm open to anything.
3) Must be posted by August 19 and there will be a round up on August 20 on this here website. Send me information with name, blog, and dish. And don't for get pictures!
Good Luck and I'll be picking a winner and sending a goodie!
Send all entries to fallenphotoangel {at} msn {dot} com


lynn said...

Wonderful round-up, Jerry! Thanks for putting together all these tasty, tempting treats to try. (Ha, how's that for alliteration?)

Elle said...

Great round-up Jerry. Bet there will be even more next month for August Heat. Thanks for doing this event!!