Wednesday, August 15, 2007

HHDD#14 gives me an excuse for Gnocchi experimentation

My first experience of gnocchi was at Buenos Aires Cafe in downtown Austin. The Le Cordon Blue Chef made 3 different kinds of potato dumplings- a chive, paprika, and traditional. It was in a cream sauce and spectacular. I fell in love with every bite. I promised to make it, but I put it off. I placed it on my summer cooking list, during my time off. It started coming down to my last 3 weeks of freedom before school. As much as I love cooking, summer causes me to want quick meals. Plus, its already hot outside, no reason to heat the apartment, too. But then Hay, Hay It's Donna Day, said it was gnocchi month. There came my excuse. But what kind of gnocchi? Ironstef did a hot pink beet gnocchi, but the thought of eating beets for the first time through gnocchi, didn't seem appealing. There's always traditional potato gnocchi, but I'm not one for tradition. Then I remembered Heidi Swanson's recipe. Gnocchi alla Romano. Friday night I read over the recipe. Doing so caused me to reread it. Heidi called for semolina flour not potato. I became confused. I thought gnocchi was always potato, then I found the beet recipe, then Heidi's. What? So I made Heidi's recipe, of course, taking it into my own hands. My friend came over and enjoyed his first taste of gnocchi. He was impressed, especially after I told him what I had to do. It destroyed my kitchen a lot of worse than pizza or pasta. But that's the fun in it, of course until you have to clean it. So here's my take on Heidi's recipe. And if you like good tasty vegetarian food, then check out Heidi's- Super Natural Cooking.


Arfi Binsted said...

oh it looks wonderful. if i were on the plane, i would take the chives version, please.

Barbara said...

Hi Jerry - great to have you join HHDD. I made gnoochi once using semolina flour and remember it was quite messy. Your's look wonderful. I must check out Heidi's recipe.