Wednesday, December 12, 2007

10 minute freak fest

I spent 10 minutes walking back and forth staring at the form in the bag. I was waiting for it to flop around and jump of the cutting board, but it just stayed there. I cringed, I repeated "I can't," I said eww several times. Then I took a breath, I walked over to the bag and very hastily started cutting the bag with a small knife. I really thought it was going to twitch and I'd scream and runaway. Some sick horror movie, but it never happened. 
No, the red snapper laid on the cutting board, staring at the ceiling, dead. Very much dead. It had no fins, no heart, no guts, nothing to keep it alive. So why was I so scared. Because it stared at me. Just like I didn't like my stuffed animals staring at me while I slept. I don't like my food to either. It took me the same amount of time to decide to eat the whole crab staring at me in D.C. in August. I'm a wimp, I know. 
There are some that don't hesitate. But there are only a handful of times you see something alive before you eat. Unless you are a rancher or work at a slaughterhouse. And I am a person who rarely ever sees the "meat" before eating. So the act of cooking it and seeing it scared me. 
But after the initial shock , the fish staring at me. I got over. At some point you forget that it still has eyes and a head. 
Only problem, no recipe. What to do? Clip rosemary from a neighbor, mince some garlic , drizzle olive oil, and slice lemons. Place on fish and cook. So simple after the initial shock, and he wasn't going to jump off the pan now. 
And the boyfriend approved so it had to be good. Now what to cook?

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