Monday, January 14, 2008

Cooking Together via The Web

825 miles between my boyfriend and I has not stopped our bickering, my sarcasm, his romanticism, or our love. For at least now proving that my thoughts of me moving away would doom our relationship were wrong.
Of course with me away and him being a bachelor, it would seem natural that take-out would the food method of choice. And I thought it would be what he would revert to. However, to my amazement he has continued to cook. Not every night, but I can live with the fact that 4 out of the 7 of the week, he is. Asking for more is stretching it. Especially with the nightly complaints that he just wants to eat and not actually have to cook his dinner. But if you go out buy the groceries, why double your bill by going out? (I say this as my lunch sits unhappily on my counter at my new place. As my pocketbook cries because it spent money on something it shouldn't have. I call it Monday.)
So as our grocery bills grow because we are no longer splitting the costs. Arguments start because the menu recipes are to complicated. We continued our Sunday tradition- a home cooked meal and Iron Chef, apart, but via webcam together. I felt partially like the executive chef. I threw out measurements and directions because I concentrate while cooking a little too much. My boyfriend being use to this went with the flow. We made the marinade our seperate ways, let the chicken marinate. Then cooked it two seperate ways, but both ended up moist and tender. Or at least that what he tells me about his.
So maybe being apart isn't so bad. It could be a lot worse and as long as I have Sundays to look forward to then I think I'll make the six months.

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Adventures in MetroLand said...

Thats alright... you be getting a dirty present that should help ease the missing BTW HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!