Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mexican in New York, is it better?

Texas is known for two things-Mexican and Bar-b-que. Of course this is besides the accents and the size. So can New York compete?
Well, at least one restaurant can.
In a recent trip to upstate New York, I found myself dining at Raul's Mexican Restaurant in Glens Falls. I was shocked to find that you had to pay for chips and salsa unlike most restaurants in Texas, where it is often free. Another shocker was that you had to pay extra for rice and beans, when you ordered tacos! My eyes bulged. It would be around $15 if I wanted chips, salsa, tacos, rice and beans. In Texas I could order 2 taco meals or 5 tacos from TacoDeli in Austin.
Despite the math, I ordered the pork tacos, which was marinated in Seville oranges and Mexican oregano in blue corn tortillas. My companion and I also, ordered guacamole and chips. What did I find?
I discovered that Tijuana might be more than 3000 miles away, but you could taste it in the tacos. Plus, it was better than the Mexican meal I had, had the day before in Dallas.
Though the tacos were delicious, I missed some of the tanginess from the oranges in the sauce and I didn't taste a lot of oregano, but it didn't lack seasoning like the restaurant in Dallas.
So if you ever find yourself in Glens Falls, New York, try Raul's, it maybe a little pricey, but you'll get a good meal.


We Are Never Full said...

one thing i do know is that NYC is not known for it's great mexican food. there are plenty of mexicans here in the city and I can't understand why it's been difficult to find wonderful, authentic mexican food... not the americanized version (which we have plenty of).

One place we can recommend is a place here in brooklyn we love called "Los Pollitos"... they have a cheap menu with authentic, delicious dishes!

Brian said...

Just a clarification to the above note lest anyone misinterprets… Raul’s is in Glens Falls, which is about 180 miles north of New York City.

You’re right that Raul’s is not Mexicanized fast food. I think Raul’s is priced reasonably both the quality of the food and the portion sizes.

Another excellent place in the same area is El Mexicano in Hudson Falls, which is about 5 miles east of Glens Falls.

Anonymous said...

Raul's is a great addition to dining in the Glens Falls area. The ingredients a fresh and the presentation if fine.

I think the tacos and burritos are slightly better at Raul's then at El Mexicano, but El Mexicano has broader offerings, a guitarist, and a free shot of tequila after your meal.

I enjoy both of these restaurants.