Thursday, October 16, 2008

A quiet cake

I am a maker of cakes. I don't need a reason. I'll make cakes just for the hell of it, but if its your birthday, I always make one. Whatever you want. No questions asked. I'll make it even if I hate it.
So, when I learned a friend's birthday was this week, I automatically said I'd make a cake. He said I didn't have to. He didn't need one. My mouth dropped. No cake?
I protested. He said if it would make me happy, then I could make him a cake. I was a little hurt. Cake is a big deal. Birthdays are defined by cakes.
Maybe it's because I view birthdays as the one day of the year, I can say screw you and do what I want because I have an excuse. Or maybe its because I get my favorite cake. I don't know.
Plus, people always surprise you on your birthday. You learn about your turn friends on that day. So that's why I took offense.
Of course, I made a cake anyways- Chocolate Espresso from Nigella Lawson. It didn't rise as it should have. I think that's due to my lack of self-rising flour and that I tried to make it myself. However, it has a good chocolate with a hint of coffee taste that I like.
And maybe this year, I'll celebrate my birthday twice. Cause the first time I didn't get the cake I wanted and it's always better when I make it.


David Giesberg said...

You sound like my girlfriend, she is really big on birthdays, while I usually don't need a lot of hoopla. To her credit though, she made an amazing flourless chocolate cake with a ganache and homemade whipped cream - delicious.

Passionate About Baking said...

I love baking cakes too & from scrath. The chocolate-espresso sounds delicious to me. I made a chocolate-coffee for my parents anniv last week. Will post it in a day or was delicious!!