Saturday, March 3, 2007

Saturday Fish Eye

Well, this Saturday has been a culinary experience.
The day began with no heat, which called for pancakes. Something about cold weather calls for pancakes. Or maybe it calls for oatmeal. Well, it calls for one at least. So I made whole wheat buttermilk pancakes. Slightly healthy, but still ubber good. Yummy.
Lunch not so fancy, a turkey pita.

Snack, chili. Unconventional yes. But was it good? That is the more important question. Background information. Yesterday was Texas independence day. So to celebrate, Whole Foods had a chili cook-off. I went and documented it for fun because I could. I had permission, which as I was told very rare. So I took advantage of it. I'm going to add the photos to my website. (Which will be changing soon. Maybe tomorrow?) Anyways, best chili, (the suspense) Jim's. Oh yummy. One had buffalo and Guinness in it. Umm? Chili shouldn't taste like beer. Seven Alarm Chili was more like 2. The Turkey Chilis were definately missing flavor. The Vegitarian Chili had no taste. No I didn't try the one that said Texas Road Kill Chili. I was very much afraid. Venison. Never had it. Plus by the time I was able to fight through the crowd, after taking pictures, I felt like throwing up. So Jim's 5 and 3 Chili, the BEST! Why? 5 different kind of chiles and 3 beans. Meat was a mixture of pork and beef marinated for a very long time. As Jim called it, the chili was meditterean. A mixture of Spain and Italy. The mix had a very good courtship and ended in marriage.
Dinner was spent with a very lovely girl. She loved my cooking. (Who doesn't?) Made a pasta primavera with red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, zuchinni and fusilli pasta.
Then, my date suggested Amy's. Now how could I resist? Haven't been in about a month. Sad really. It's like bad withdrawl. Oh how I've been craving it. So we go, see Joel, who is the ice cream extrodinar. Order Strawberry Ice and Dark Chocolate ice cream mixed with dark chocolate bits. Yummy! My date and I look at our bowls, wanting more, but know that I shouldn't.
The night ends with popcorn and Merlot. A very good Merlot and I don't like Merlot. Actually, I usually despise red wine. However, this Merlot was exquisite. Veronika has a great taste in picking a good wine without any help or knowledge. I highly recommend it. It is Fish Eye and it is under $10.
Now I must waddle to bed.

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