Saturday, June 30, 2007

"Anyone Can Cook."

Can they? Well, yes, but will it taste good? Will it be edible?
I don't know. I just know that I'm told to cook, bake more often than I do. Which is strange because I cook almost every night and I bake at least 2 a week. Shouldn't they be cooking more? Was that the message of Ratatouille?
I planned all week for this. Well, not really. I found a recipe yesterday for French Toast and adapted it to my tastes, and local produce. But still, I've been psyched for weeks- no monthes- about Ratatouille- the new Pixar film. (Of course, if you are reading this you've already seen it.) So I planned a French Brunch and an outing to the movie with a group of friends.
With the adapted recipe in my head, (still needs a little tweaking), I began this morning letting the bread absorb the custard. Going out to my usual errands like there was no party planned. Spent way too much money at the Farmer's Market, as usual. Came back made lemonade and waited for the guests to arrive.

My girlfriends showed, and we waited for the boy but to no avail, he did not show. We were hungry, so I made the Toast and the syrup, which was delicious. It does need tweaking. I mean really how can you taste French Toast to see what you need to add until after?
So with France in our stomachs, we went to the movie. Just wish we had some gondolas.
The movie was great! Remy gave a good performance. His passion for food was incredible. The way he smelled the produce, tasted things, and produced food was amazing. Pixar really did their homework and of course hired Thomas Keller. Oh and the brutally honest Bourdain. Did anyone else see his credit in the film?
So what did Ratatouille do for me?
Well, it made me want to cook. It made me want to open a restaurant. It made me hope that kids watching it would want to cook.
We all may not be chefs, but as long as we make good food for ourselves then I think everything will be alright. And I think that's what's Ratatouille is about. It's about passion.


candy said...

i never understood people who say the "can't cook". i mean, if you have a recipe, how can you possibly screw it up? detailed instructions should make it fool proof, right? what are these fools doing to un-proof it?

lynn said...

Your French toast looks delicious. What a fun way to prep for Ratatouille! I loved the movie and was amazed at how well Pixar nailed it.

Marcy said...

Tweaking?! are you sure... I thought it tasted quite well. I enjoyed helping you and listening to Miles Davis, great selection!! And it was a fun way to prep for Ratatouille as your friend Lynn said.

Btw, your pictures and the whole site is looking fabulous! keep up the good work! :)

Kristen said...

I am so excited to see this movie. I have hear such great things about it!
What a tasty looking French toast.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Even my husband saw cooking in a different light. Yes this was a wonderful movie even if I still don't want a rat in my house.