Wednesday, April 4, 2007

"I'm a fat girl at heart"

I've heard a similar phrase among many of my friends, lately. I often laugh at the comment. It is not one about their weight, but on their sweet tooth.
  • Sweet Tooth a.k.a a woman's weakness; the moment when the waiter asks you if you want dessert and you per up and get a silly grin on your face; a person who cannot deny himself or herself when it comes to any sort of dessert
Of course all of these apply to me. I cannot deny dessert- cannoli, cheesecake, ice cream, cookies, pie and everything that is sweet and rich. The desserts that are too heavy and rich, I love. I know people who hate cannoli because it's too sweet, I find this a crime! When people offer me dessert, I take a bite and close my eyes. I've never seen it, but I've been told I get this look. My lips turn into a silly grin, I sit straighter, and I often moan. I open my eyes only after enjoying it, then I realize I'm being watched and get embarrassed. While people do comment on this "look," often it is in amazement and enjoyment not in mockery.
What struck this post into my fingers?
We can thank Harold Crick, "Stranger than Fiction." Odd, yes, but true. I watched it recently and was struck by the milk and cookies scene.
"Didn't your mother make you warm cookies and milk, when you had a bad day?"
Honestly, I can't remember. I remember cookies. Chocolate chip cookies use to be my thing every Friday night. I tried to change the recipe by trying different ingredients like tabisco or other spices. (This lead to many a scolding.) These were never bad days per-say. The cookies were given as treats, rewards, or in celebration.
Nonetheless, the movie inspired me to eat milk and cookies. Never really trying it before. I'm not a fan of milk. I always go for chocolate milk. This time I tried it and loved it. Milk and cookies make a beautiful pairing.
So in the future, I always suggest milk and cookies on a bad day.

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Linda said...

aren't we all! especially when it comes to sweets?!