Friday, April 27, 2007

Velvety white soft pearl

I'm very hesitant to try new meats, seafood, or anything with an odd texture, shape or name. I can be adventurous with produce, its cheap, but meat, seafood, and others are fairly expensive and I am very wary on wasting money on food. Except that is not the nature of a foodie. Cavier, Foie gras, or lobster. Raw salmon eggs, goose liver, or a water bug. It is the delicate food that is hard to find, or expensive to make. I for one have never had these things. Out of that list the only thing that appeals to me is lobster. It is suppose to be amazing. I wouldn't know. I have a fear of eating a meat that can stare me in the face. I feel ashamed then, that I am eating a living thing. Yes, I understand that the food is massed produced for humans, but its not ecologically sound.
I make sure to buy the vegetarian eggs, hormone and antibotic free poultry and meat, and self sustaining seafood. Why? Because I believe in global warming. I believe in sustaining this planet for the future. You can scoff, argue, and laugh, but that is not changing my mind. I'll do my part, no matter what anyone else does. It means more money, but it is my way of support. It doesn't mean I can't give up the food I love or haven't tried. It's just being conscience.
It's why I shop at Whole Foods. (No I'm not going on a "Go shop at Whole Foods," shpeal.)And by shopping at the store, I've made friends with almost everyone. One in particular is "Jack." He is one of the best people I have in Austin. He brings a smile to my face constantly, whenever I see him. Unfortunately, recently he's been ill, and I have not seen him until this week. And the moment I saw him, I brighten up. I had missed him, and didn't know it. I have a tendency to loose contact with people. If people don't call me, I live a life of solitude.
Jack's my produce guy though. I always ask what is in season. And I get samples of what ever he feels like is in season. Yesterday I asked if the blueberries were good, (it's beginning of its season in Florida), I got a yes. Corn? Yes. Strawberries? Yes.
The conversation some how moves to rabbit and I reference Homesick Texan's rabbit recipe from Robb Walsh. I explain that I was hesitant and he said he loved rabbit. I promised to make it in May after school report. I then listed things I had never eaten, lobster, rabbit, shark, cavier, scallops. The last shocked "Jack," he said he'd be right back. I looked around the produce department, he sooned returned with scallops. He proceded to tell me a recipe on how to cook them. I smiled.
"I expect a full report on Saturday," Jack said.
I cooked them this evening. They are like "velvety white soft pearls." I cooked them, shot photos of them and proceeded to eat them. After cutting into them I realized that they were not fully cooked. How do you tell if a scallop is done? They weren't translucent. I've been told they need to be fully cooked. I don't know how to describe the taste because my palate is tainted with popcorn. They were chewy, but smooth. It had a peppery taste.
I didn't hate them, but I'll need to try them again. Maybe this time I'll let "Jack" cook them for me.

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