Monday, April 30, 2007

Lack of Culture

I miss Europe. It's been 3 years since, seeing the "homeland." I feel more of a connection than in the U.S. I dream of moving there, but all I have is photos, movies and books to pull me through until the next visit.
This comes because I was watcing the "No Reservations" marathon on the Travel Channel. I saw Anthony Bourdain in Mexico, Russia, Paris, the U.S., causing me to crave a vaction. One can only take school and work for so longing before needing relaxtion or culture.
My roomie is going to Costa Rica. I wanted to visit my friends in Paris, but that was a no go with the parentals. So I visit San Diego, Washington D.C., and my closest European town that supresses my need-New York City.
Ah, New York, the hustle and bustle town, where you can tell I'm not a city girl. My Southern heritage shows itself. In NYC I don't rush like New Yorkers. I admire the buildings, the food, and the life. And the Greenmarket. I love walking trying the different produce, the vendors, the daily supply of fresh food. Last year, I tried so many new fruits-sour cherries, gooseberries, argula, and New Jersey peaches- all of which were delicious.
Besides my dreams, what takes me to Europe is food. Although, I mainly stay in Mexico and Italy, my goal is to branch out. Expand to Spain where I hopefully will visit in December. I have the summer to travel through Europe through food and eventually I'll actually be able to taste the authentic dish. Maybe staying in the U.S. will bring a new experience. One in the kitchen.


Linda said...

OMG - your first paragraph (word for word!) is exactly what has been saying since I returned from Europe a few weeks ago. what r we still doing here?! The US simply doesn't measure up. It makes me miss it even more to know i'm not alone. nobody seems to understand me when i say things like, "the moment I can, i'm leaving, going to europe, and never coming back!"

Linda said...

sorry - i was so excited reading that first paragraph, that I commented before reading the rest!

NY is great... that's where I am and the green market at union square keeps me sane! if there weren't those little bits of Europe here I think i would hop on the next plane to Italy and call it a day. also, I have to say i'm thrilled to know you found the green markets! i am always under the impression that tourists only find times square & Rockefeller center.

that said - you can certainly recreate the food and culture in your own kitchen... happy cooking ;)

Bill McMichael said...

I stumbled onto your blog...great site and great pictures!
I love traveling in Europe~ but there's no place like home. When you want a taste of the south come by for a glass of sweet tea.