Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lucky Number 7

Ms. Leftover Queen challenged us to think of 7 random food facts about ourselves. So here I go on a whim without much thought.

1) Last week at Salt Lick I had my very FIRST rib. Now I must say my dad has been making ribs forever! And I never had one. Why? Eating something that is off of a bone from an animal seemed grotesque. However, I broke that rule with lamb chops, and if I could eat meat of a lamb chop, why not a pork rib? Let me say, it is the MOST tasty thing ever! I feel in love. Like Lauren said last week, "I don't need a man, all I need is really good food." I agree Lauren. Completely!

2) I've never had lobster, crab, clams, mussels, and most sea faring creatures. I've always grown up in the interior of the U.S. Seafood was never presented to me until I was about 12 or 13. It was salmon in Seattle and it was tasty. Very tasty. (Wow, I need a new word) But I have a fear of eating something that can stare at me while I eat it. It would seem like its mocking me, "Jerry, look you killed an innocent creature." However, I plan on overcoming that fear, when I go to D.C. in August.

3) I don't like coffee except the smell. I've tried a couple of sips, but never really like it. It has an earthy flavor, too earthy. However, the smell reminds me of Sunday mornings, when my dad was home from flights. It was always coffee, muffins, and Fox News. The simple things that didn't seem important at the time, but now you cherish.

4) I was a vegetarian for 18 months and it almost killed me. Marathon running and lack of protein are never a good idea. And of course in Texas being a vegetarian is shunned upon and I respect vegetarians, but like the shirt says "I did not get to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian."

5) My favorite sandwhich is a baguette with tomato, basil, and goat cheese. Why? It reminds me of summer. The tomato rippening of the vine and you can go pick it out of the garden. Take a parring knife, cut into slices place it on the bread, then basil, spread goat cheese on the top piece and you have a sandwich. A nice ripe tomato from the garden gives you the best taste. The goat cheese gives it a bite, with the subtle taste of basil in it. And you can get messy with the tomato juices.

6) I believe in farmer's markets not grocery stores. I believe in entrepreneur's not restaurant chains (except Starbucks). I believe in the grower not the mass producer. Because they have the best product. The farm has been in the family for years and they know what they are doing. The restaurant gets fresh, local ingredients and produces a menu that rises to the occasion. The market brings different products together for a close bond of friendship and knowledge.

7) Dessert is the best meal of the day. Life would be a crime without it. Chocolate, cake, cookies, ice cream. If I could stay thin and eat it all day, I would. (I think most people would.) People who don't indulge in dessert occassionally, aren't living. Because the best smells come from the oven. You can never capture it in a perfume, or in a can. You can never say that cardboard chocolate carob cookie tastes as good as the real thing. So give me dessert with a little more whipped cream and don't think I'll share, cause I won't. Oh and don't be in the middle between me and ice cream!


JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Hi Jerry!

I totally agree about the farmers markets! That is really where REAL food is!

I am a HUGE seafood lover. I grew up in MD and DC and ate it all my life, you will not regret it!

Ribs are one of my specialities! :)

Kelly-Jane said...

Hi, and welcome to the DBs!

Runner Girl DC said...

Too funny about the food looking back at you.. I couldn't agree more! I work in DC so if you need any travel tips for your trip in August--- let me know! You'll have a great time here.

The Disney Marathon is a great race.. lots of fun.

Freya and Paul said...

I always shop at a local farm shop for all my veg and organic meat - it feels so natural to to it!
You'd be hard pressed to separate me and ice cream too!

Ari (Baking and Books) said...

I've never had lobster, clams or mussels either... just can't bring myself to do it. The former looks like a bug and the later two are slimy! Oh well. I did have fish eyeball soup once though.

Ari (Baking and Books)