Thursday, May 24, 2007

Rebel! Blend your Meat!

"You can't grind meat in a blender, you'll need a food processor."
-What does Big Daddy say when he's angry? He says Bull, Big Mamma.-
So I say Bull. You can grind meat to make ground meat in a blender. You pulse it until you reach a ground meat consistency.
What led me to hamburgers?
Partly to the Minimalist article in the NYT about the "perfect burger" and my not so good burger on Sunday. This combination causes a girl like me to crave- a burger, fries, and a milkshake. I had all but the latter.
Online definitions describe a burger as a meat patty with a round bun with condiments. The Minimalist describes the burger as a piece of meat overwhelmed by condiments. Americans do like their ketchup and mustard, and if you put mayo on the burger it automatically means you're Canadian. (I learned that this week.) One even described it as a "fried" patty. Fried burger? Have you fried a burger?
Grill is the most often method I use. It's the Texan in me. Or maybe the pyro. But a non-grilled burger doesn't taste right. Charcoal does something to the burger.
So with my craving intact. I decide how to flavor my burger. Hmmm. I have fresh basil from the garden. An Italian burger? Yes.
So I go to Whole Foods, look at the meat counter. Overcome by meat I ask the wonderful meat man, "What is the best for grinding meat for hamburger?"
He picks out three- sirlion, chuck, and rump roasts. I thought what did the Minimalist say about cut? Cursing myself, I choose the rump. Two pounds later I have my meat. Way to much, but will last me for at least 2 months, if not longer. I never share meat.
Pick up my oregano, shop and talk, before coming home.
I cut my beef into strips, save 2 for steaks later, before cubbing and blending my meat. A friend told me that I had to use a food processor. I am a college student and a foodie, but I don't have the money for all the cooking toys I want (right now I don't have a mixer and I bake at least 2 a week). I told him I was going to blend it, he told me it would puree my meat. It didn't. It made a nice grind of the roast. You just had to watch it.
So I made a patty because I was eating alone. Meat was all over the kitchen, but it worked. You can make ground beef, by blending. Ah at least one accomplishment this week, proving someone wrong.

Blended Italian Burger
1 lb meat (rump, chuck, or something with good marbling)
bread crumbs

I guessed worked the spices and others ingredients for one patty. So I say guess work for you too. The parmesan helps to keep it moist.

Condiments-tomato, onion, and a bun if you wish


Andrew said...

What?! You didn't like my burger?! I'm insulted.

Cookie baker Lynn said...

You've got me hungry for a good grilled burger. No better way to fix it. Way to go on making what you've got in the kitchen work for you!

Freya and Paul said...

I know this burger will be great and after looking at your photo, I think those potatoes are going to be my side dish of choice. If only you had posted that recipe.
Good luck in the competition!

MissBurger said...

Yess!!! Thank you!
I dont have a mincer but i've got meat and i asked my sister if i cud blend it, she said it would turn into meat juice but now I shall prove her wrong!

Sweetclive said...

You rock the casbah!

There is definitely some lamb ravioli going down in Sydney this weekend :)